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Positive Dog Training and Behaviour Management 

Certified ADTB Approved Dog Trainer, Fully Insured

Finding kind and friendly solutions to dog behaviour problems using positive reinforcement training methods
    • Pulling on the lead 
    • Walking to heel
    • Basic commands
    • Sit/Stay/Down
    • Puppy training 
    • Bad recall
    • Jumping up
    • Biting and mouthing 

    • Excessive barking
    • Hyper activity
    • Anxiety 
    • Aggression towards dogs  
    • Aggression towards people 
    • Food Aggression 
    • Possession Aggression
    • Separation anxiety
If you want a behaviour to stop or you want to know the reason why your dog is behaving a certain way, or you simply want some basic training give me a call

All training and behaviour management methods are kind and friendly, using force free positive reinforcement training and behaviour management. 'Pozidog Canine Services' is positive by name and positive by nature. 

dog training near me

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dog trainer near me
dog training near me